Conexiones: Latino Youth Support

Community Mobilization Around Latino Youth Success

Connect to Success! Conexiones is a community mobilization initiative focused on advancing the success of Latino youth in the Tulsa area, with special focus on education. Our emphasis is on improving family engagement and support, enhancing school readiness and early reading, and building the capacity of institutions to best serve Latino children. Conexiones works closely with Tulsa area public schools supporting efforts to engage Latino families.

Our Work

Facilitating family engagement programs that empower Latino families with tools and resources they can use to support their child’s academic success

Connecting community schools to Latino-serving community-based organizations and services, especially through school based programs

Providing technical assistance through Spanish bilingual cultural responsiveness trainings for community school staff to increase their capacity to effectively engage their Latino students and families 

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Guiding Principles & Strategies

The goal of Conexiones is to increase the number of Hispanic students who successfully graduate from high school, enter and graduate from college, and become productive members of the workforce.

Focus is on critical transition points from birth to workforce engagement with an emphasis on addressing the comprehensive needs of students.
Connecting families to resources and removing barriers.
Providing mentoring, life skills training and other services to help students stay in school and succeed.
Building a structure of supports to ensure the successful transition of Latino students into each stage of their life.

“Conexiones addressed the needs of our Hispanic scholars. It provided the needed tool to allow for productive family communication to occur.” – Tulsa Teacher