Conditions for Learning

To be a successful, fully functioning and sustainable community school, the following six Conditions for Learning need to be solidly in place. We believe that schools in partnership with families and communities must work to fulfill these six Conditions for Learning that have been identified through national research as necessary for every child to succeed. To learn more about the research behind community school Conditions for Learning, please click here for the Coalition for Community Schools’ Making The Difference Report, and see Chapter 2, page 15.


The school has a core instruction program and highly effective teachers, a rigorous and relevant curriculum and high standards and expectations for students.


Student Engagement

Students are motivated and engaged in learning—both in school and in community settings, during and after school.


Whole Child Needs

The physical, mental and emotional health needs of young people and their families are recognized and addressed through school, family and community partnerships.


Collective Trust

Collaboration, collective trust and shared responsibility exist amount students, families, school staff, community partners and key stakeholders.


Culture and Climate

Family and community engagement and school efforts promote a school climate that is safe, supportive, culturally competent and respectful, and connects students to a broader learning community.


Student Transitions

Development is fostered through seamless transitions sustained by a system of intentional and coordinated supports nurtured throughout the educational pipeline (prenatal through post-secondary workforce.)