Core Components

The following Core Components are building blocks of every successful school. With these components in place and at the core of decision making, schools can better support the whole child needs of its students, and help increase educational equity and opportunity for all children. These components are centered on the TACSI Framework, developed in 2007 by the Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative as a foundation for school and student success.

Incorporating and strengthening these components and conditions in schools optimizes students’ chances for success, in school and later in life.

Early Childhood Developmnet

Addresses all aspects of a person’s development from birth through age eight. It encompasses supports, services and education and involves the child, family school and community.


Family & Community Engagement

Addresses a shared responsibility of schools and the community to engage families in meaningful ways to actively support children’s learning and development.


Social & Mental Health Services

Addresses positive student behavior with a shared approach of family, school and mental health partners working together to build a full continuum of multi-tiered mental health services for students and families.

Health & Health Education

Addresses the overall health and wellness of all students through health screenings, health promotion and prevention activities to maximize students’ potential for learning.


Lifelong Learning

Addresses a learning environment that extends beyond classroom walls and uses the assets of the community to maximize the capacity of continued learning for children, youth, families and neighborhood residents.


Youth Development

Addresses growth process in which youth are engaged in building skills and competencies to become caring responsible adults. Provides youth with caring adults to explore expanded learning and enrichment opportunities.

Neighborhood Development

Addresses the ability of the neighborhood to work together to build relationships between schools and communities and create environments where students excel and neighborhoods flourish with schools as their centers.

The TACSI Framework

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