Family Engagement

We believe that families should always be acknowledged and respected as the child’s first teacher and best advocate. Throughout our work, families are welcomed and respected as true partners in their children’s education. They are equipped with resources and information to fully engage in the learning and development of their child, and take the lead in planning and decision making.

Our team also promotes a school climate that is safe, supportive, and culturally responsive to our families. Community Schools seek to ensure the health and well-being of families by providing on-site support services and lifelong learning opportunities, ultimately viewing families as foundational assets in promoting students’ success.

Family Engagement Services

Our services and consultation help schools develop strong relationships with families, to ensure all families are welcomed in the school and engaged in collaborative ways to support their children’s learning.

Best Practices in Effective, Culturally Responsive Family Engagement

Bilingual School-Based Family Meetings, Programs and Events Facilitation

Data Collection and Evaluation Tools for Family Engagement

Immigration Legal Clinics Assistance for Families

Latino- and Immigrant-Centered Family Engagement Strategies

Reducing Chronic Absence through Family Engagement

Resource and Referral Services for Families in Crisis

Understanding and Utilizing the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

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