Family Engagement Resources

What: Mind in the Making (MITM), developed by Families and Work Institute (FWI), is an unprecedented effort to share the science of children’s learning with the general public, families and professionals who work with children and families TACSI Resource Center staff can facilitate and train school staff on how to facilitate program in your school.

How to access: Please contact Christina Starzl Mendoza at 918.699.4223 or email Minimum 7 weeks needed to implement *Also available in Spanish

What: The Sprouts Early Childhood Development Initiative ASQ-3 Screening looks at a child’s unique development, providing information about general developmental milestones as well as information specific to the child. The ASQ-3 takes a look at five areas of developmentcommunication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving and personal-social skills. It is a parent or caregiver led screening questionnaire that helps make sure child’s growth and development is progressing on track. Sprouts Child Development consultants review each ASQ-3 screening as it comes in through the Sprouts website.  They provide personalized feedback and developmental resources tailored to each child and their family. Sprouts screenings are currently only available for children, birth through 5, in Tulsa County (Oklahoma) and surrounding areas.

How to access: or feel free to call the Sprouts Child Development Initiative office 918.699.4250 for more information or to speak with a Sprouts consultant.*Also available in Spanish

What: Grounded in research and culturally responsive best practice, Power of Families Project (PFP) supports the families’ role in promoting school readiness and healthy development of children.  PFP empowers caregivers during the critical early years of their children’s lives, from birth to kindergarten. Our approach is intimate and relationship-based. PFP supports families through home visits and connecting families with information and resources. We embrace learning experiences that are relevant and customized for the individual needs of each family and child. As a result, individuals and participating community schools benefit from understanding of the evolving needs of today’s families and children.

How to access: Please contact Christina Starzl Mendoza at 918.699.4223 or email *Also available in Spanish

What: In partnership with George Kaiser Foundation, Talking is Teaching is a campaign to provide tools that increase language and vocabulary opportunities for young children. Talking is Teaching campaign can provide age-appropriate books and other materials to empower families in building their vocabularies by increasing the number of words they hear spoken to them every day.

How to access: Please contact Christina Starzl Mendoza at 918.699.4223 or email *Also available in Spanish

What : Start at 211 Family Crisis Assitance to find emergency shelters for individuals and families in crisis. Learn about programs that offer rental assistance, subsidized housing, housing vouchers, food, clothing, energy and utility assistance and more.

How to access: Call 2-1-1 to speak with a live and completely confidential social worker that can help diagnose and process family crisis and emergency situations as well as provide referral.

*Also available in Spanish

What: Eight session interactive workshop series, Juntos brings together families and youth, school staff, and community partners to promote high school graduation among youth and explore possible paths to higher education. Juntos (pronounced: who-n-tos) is designed for English or Spanish-speaking parents and their teens. The program helps parents and youth gain knowledge, skills and resources to help 7th-12th grade youth successfully complete high school, and work together to gain access to college. Session topics include:

  • Making education a family goal
  • Family and school communication
  • Requirements for graduation
  • How to finance higher education
  • Applying for college
  • Creating a plan of action

A key factor associated with successfully completing high school is parent involvement (Rumberger, et al., 1990) and parental academic support (Alfaro, et al., 2006). Juntos promotes these factors and helps parents and youth understand the considerable economic benefits of graduating from high school.

How to access: Please contact Christina Starzl Mendoza at 918.699.4223 or email *Also available in Spanish

What: Need Spanish volunteers for a family engagement event or parent teacher conferences? Conexiones can recruit bilingual and bicultural volunteers for your next event to eliminate Spanish language barriers between staff and families.

How to access: Please contact Christina Starzl Mendoza at 918.699.4223 or email 

Note: Need notification 2 weeks prior to event guarantee interpreters. Limited to 6 interpreters per event, availability may vary. (Union District only, due to interpreter certification requirements)

What: Conexiones partners with Dream Act Oklahoma to organize quarterly immigration information forums and clinics. At immigration forums, families can learn about immigration policies and opportunities. Through our immigration clinics, families can receive pro-bono immigration legal assistance through our network of immigration attorneys.

How to access: Please contact Christina Starzl Mendoza at 918.699.4223 or email *Also available in Spanish