School Culture & Climate

We believe that a positive, trust-filled school culture and climate is critical to high student achievement and attendance. How a school builds its culture is imcumbent on the school leadership, school relationships with faculty, families and community partners, and the essential practice of making the school welcoming for all – a place of belonging and trust for every student and family. 

As stated by the National School Climate Center: Research proves that a positive school climate directly impacts telling indicators of success such as increased teacher retention, lower dropout rates, decreased incidences of violence, and higher student achievement. Read more >

Services Promoting Positive School Culture & Climate

Our consultation and trainings help schools establish collective trust in and among school leaders, staff, students, families, and partners to build positive school culture and climate.

Anti-Bias Curriculum Training

Collaborative Leadership Training for School Staff

Establishing Collective Trust between Staff, Families, Students and Leaders

Facilitating ABLE Change Framework for Collective Impact in your Community

Introduction to Community School Practices: Community Schools 101

Facilitating the Ready Schools Assessment

Reducing Chronic Absence and Creating School-Wide Culture of Attendance

School Health Indicators Reports: Using the Data to Improve Culture/Climate

Study Visits to Model Union Public Schools’ Community Schools (Pre-K through Union Collegiate Academy, Union’s career/college-focused high school)

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Culture & Climate Resources

A November 2014 Child Trends article takes a close look at the benefits of positive school climate for students, families and school staff. Read more >

National School Climate Center

Article on the distinction between culture and climate

National School Climate Council’s Climate Standards

Coalition for Community Schools’ Climate Self-Assessment Tool

Baltimore Education Research Consortium: Positive School Climate