Six Strategies for Success

Community Schools: A Six-Part Strategic Approach

The recent report, Community Schools: Transforming Struggling Schools into Thriving Schools, February 2016, concluded that community schools around the country that achieve the most dramatic results usually do so applying a six-part approach focused on the following strategies. 

Curricula that is engaging, culturally relevant and challenging. An array of robust classes and expanded learning/development opportunities, including early childhood, that is flexible to meet diverse needs.


High quality teachers advancing student-centered learning while closely aligned with an overall community school approach.


Effective supports for students—healthcare, social and emotional, life skills, enrichment experiences, family engagement—integrated with strong instruction, and often provided through community partners.


Positive discipline practices and relationship ties with students and families that promote attendance and reduce suspensions and other harsh punishments.


Authentic parent and community engagement in planning and decision-making, and in participation in expanded opportunities for learning critical to success of the school and the community.


Inclusive and expanded school leadership structure focused on building a culture of collective trust, founded on a well trained principal linked with a strong community school coordinator, effective teacher peer supports and open communication with a broad array of constituencies.