Mind In The Making Training & Resource Hub

The Center for Community School Strategies is one of several regional training and resource hubs for Mind In The Making (MITM), developed by Families and Work Institute (FWI), as an effort to share the science of children’s learning with the general public, families, and professionals who work with children and families. Our work is to promote the Seven Executive Function Life Skills incorporated in the MITM training modules as evidenced-based skills essential for children’s success in the short- and long-term. The skills are:

  • Focus and Self Control
  • Perspective Taking
  • Communicating
  • Making Connections
  • Critical Thinking
  • Taking on Challenges
  • Self-Directed, Engaged Learning

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Bridging Community Schools and Mind in the Making

“Mind in the Making and Community Schools: Crossing Boundaries and Creating Strong Linkages for Children Birth through Eight and their Families,” is a collaborative project with The Children’s Aid Society’s National Center for Community Schools and the Institute for Educational Leadership

The purpose of this effort in Oklahoma is to integrate MITM and the Seven Essential Life Skills into Oklahoma’s early childhood and community schools initiatives, reinvent family engagement by using the Seven Essential Skills Modules with families and professionals together, and share lessons learned from MITM as a focal point for educational innovation in community schools and for educators and families throughout Oklahoma.

Bring the Seven Essential Life Skills to your Community

The Seven Essential Life Skills: Focus and Self Control, Perspective Taking, Communicating, Making Connections, Critical Thinking, Taking on Challenges and Self-Directed, Engaged Learning are introduced to communities through Community Learning Facilitators. These are tailored training events where participants learn about the Seven Essential Life Skills Modules by directly experiencing them. The training modules are for any adult who influences a child’s life… community members, parents and families, teachers and caregivers, principles and administrators and volunteers. 

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MITM trainings are available in English and Spanish.

Ellen Galinsky, President and Co-Founder of Families and Work Institute (FWI), wrote Mind in the Making in 2010. Since then, it has sold more than 100,000 copies and had more than 2 billion media impressions. It was named one of the top ten nonfiction books by The Washington Post in May 2014 and was voted the Number 1 must-read book for preschool teachers by Child Care Exchange in June 2014.